David Stromeyer | History | Cold Hollow Sculpture Park

In 1970, David Stromeyer bought a two hundred acre former dairy farm in the foothills of the Cold Hollow Mountains. He soon fashioned a home and created a separate studio to fabricate his sculpture on this land that still inspires the creation and siting of his work.  His sculptures are also exhibited and collected by museums, universities, corporations, and municipalities across the U.S. and private collections internationally.

In June, 2014, David and Sarah Stromeyer opened "Cold Hollow Sculpture Park" to offer the public an integrated whole of art and landscape. Visitors have the rare opportunity to see the evolution of one artist's vision over fifty years. This "living park" changes as works are newly made and sited, works leave and return from exhibition, and works are re-sited when a piece is sold. This, plus the varied conditions of weather and light, ensures that the visitor's experience is continually refreshed.  Each season themed programs are offered that bring together the arts, sciences and humanities to explore the intersection of intellectual and creative pursuits.